Futsal New York’s First Clinic of 2014

January 21, 2014

Futsal New York is proud to announce that the first futsal skills clinic of 2014 was a great success! Willow Field Elementary school hosted the FREE futsal skills clinic this past Sunday, January 19th. With a turn out of 100+ girls and boys from the ages of 5-18, Coach Mike Paolini and Coach Jeff Knittel were able to share their love for the game of futsal while strengthening the athletes skills and working on advanced ball handling techniques. As Coach Mike Paolini, of Syracuse Development Academy, stated:

“There’s no way you can replicate the same kind technical individual ball skill work on a grass or even turf field that you can with futsal. This program will be HUGE for player development in the upstate NY area.”

The clinic focused on:futsal skills clinic

  • confidence handling the ball
  • traveling with the ball
  • shooting/scoring
  • defense
  • team work

The participating athletes worked hard, had fun and left the clinic feeling that they had improved their skills and their ability to play soccer. Coach Jeff Knittel, of Fusion Soccer Club, summed it up best by saying:

“What a great day, the players were able to touch the ball so many times in just an hour! It was awesome seeing them move the ball with various cuts, moves and change of pace. The surface, space and ball is perfect for player development.”

The coaches and athletes are eagerly awaiting League Brazil, a local futsal League that starts on Sunday, February 2nd. Click here to learn more!

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